Filter bag frames

We have a wide variety of standard for both the inner and outer frames for bag filter manufacturing. The products are pre-punched for standard measurements or prepared for the manufacture of customer-specific filter models.


Over the years we have developed a wide range of machines and equipment for filter manufacturers for both manual and automatic production. Our machines are often named after the leading Swedish athletes.
They have also become leaders in their field. Not only because of the name…

Roll forming

Roll forming is much more than profiles for filter frames. The manufacturing method is suitable where the final product or component will be a profile of sheet metal with a unique design.

This is SM Johannesson

O ur main focus is to provide the filter industry with both the equipment and tools as well as with components in the form of sheet profiles for manufacturing bag filters. We also have a significant production of Lego products with roll forming as a base. We are still a small company and therefore we are able to maintain the small business flexibility while we have developed both knowledge and production methods. It’s obviously a contributing factor to that today we are the market leader in Europe within our main business scope.



Experience & expertise

Wide range of products

This is what we do

SM  Johannesson has for many years developed a wide range of products for the air filter industry, consisting of both profiles for filter frames as well as machines for assembling filter media. Product development has been carried out in close cooperation with leading European filter manufacturers. SM Johannesson’s knowledge of roll forming and machine manufacturing has been combined with filter companies knowledge of the media and filter users needs.

The cooperation and the concentration to the the air filter industry has made the SM Johannesson the market leader in Europe. SM Johannesson also has an extensive subcontracted production of sheet metal profiles for the most diverse purposes. If you have the need, we have both the resources, expertise and experience.